Gross Development Value

Expertise :-

+ Schematic Ideas
+ Gross Development Value
+ GDV Simulation Program
+ Project Management
+ Conceptual & Branding
+ Viability Report


Market Trends :-

• New Township
• Mixed Use
• Commercial Zone
• Housing Estate
• Leasing Asset
• Endowments Programme
• Land Swap Project
• Joint Venture Partnership


Architecture + Interior

Expertise :-

+ Schematic Ideas
+ Space Planning
+ Facade Design
+ Technical  Design
+ Interior & Workplace
+ Design Management


Market Trends :-

• Private Residential
• Residential Complexes
• Commercial Office
• Business & Retail
• Institution + Campus
• Transportation Hub
• Healthcare
• Hotel & Resort


Revitalization + Upgrading

Expertise :-

+ Project Branding
+ GDV Simulation Program
+ Renovation Design
+ Landscape
+ Street & Pedestrian
+ Enviromental Graphic


Market Trends :-

• City & Township
• New & Existing Building
• Heritage Building
• Landscape
• Road & Drainage
• Way Finder
• Sculpture
• Public Facilities


Media Solution

Expertise :-

+ 3D Illustration
+ 3D Animation
+ Media Interactive
+ Visual Study
+ Graphic Design
+ E-Gallery


Market Trends :-

• City Promotional Video
• Urban & City Viewing
• Architectural Building
• Transportation Simulation
• Construction Simulation
• Interior VR
• Corporate Presentation
• Advertising


RHFC  leads market-driven initiatives to assist the Collaborative Partnership in propelling Built Environment towards becoming a developed nation that is highly competitive, sustainable and inclusive. As a strategic enabler, RHFC continues to explore areas that can catalyse new sources of growth and lay the groundwork for a brighter future..


Design Thinking

RHFC sees design thinking as strategy in action, focused on results. We help our clients envision a better future and get there successfully. We help them leverage design’s power to generate innovative solutions that effect real transformation.


RHFC is not only an innovative design firm, but also a design "think tank". With a multi-scale and multi-disciplinary approach we are able to assume a fresh perspective and generate creative solutions by thinking outside the box.


With a holistic approach to address the People, Principles and Place, we are ready to improve the human condition as a place for sustainable habitation. Since our work is guided by natural system, our intention, action and product will be perfectly balance.


Through collaboration with design specialists, engineers, educators, manufacturers and stakeholders, we aim to expand our clients competitive edge and promote the compelling message that good design = good business.


RHFC works at all scales and in all sectors, we help our clients to make better decision in making more profits, positioning their businesses and putting a competitive resilience.


Research is an investment in our future that empowers our professional to seek answers to the pressing questions facing our design teams and clients every day.


At RHFC, the ideas will be implemented through visualization technology. This will provide an effective way in providing additional input for clients and stakeholders in the decision-making processes with a realistic view of the project design on completion.


We believe that dealing with today’s challenges can beneficially move us into unexplored field. In all our ideas, we try to focus and solve the problems into the action of RHFC solution.


In Our View, All Design Exists In A Context. So We Start By Talking With Key Stakeholders. ​We Ask The Right Questions, The Most Important Is The Client Vision And Intention, Than Operational Objectives, Brand-Wise And Profit-Wise. And We Pay Close Attention To The Answers. By Immersing Ourselves, We Set A Foundation For The Creative Work To Come. 

​On That Foundation, RHFC Builds A Bridge Between The Brand And The Consumer, Starting With The Basics: People, Principle And Place. Since Concepts Are Abstract, Next We Move To Concrete Imagery And Words. Once The Bridge Is Built, It Forms Into A Storyline That We Call Design.​

Real Estate

To the property developers and stakeholders, our expertise in multidisciplinary can help stimulate profits more efficiently

+ Developers


+ Real Estate Manager


We offer our expertise to support the synergy of built environment practice and design in the built environment competitiveness.

+ Design Practice

+ Architecture Firm

+ Engineering Firm

+ Media Company


Towards the national vision, we are ready to serve with government bodies, agencies, local authorities and ministries.

+ Ministry

+ Local Authority

+ State Gorvenment


Intellectual investment is our agenda to stimulate education in the built environment industry to always proliferate.

+ Higher Education

+ College


For corporations to small industries, we are always thinking of new ideas and solutions to help stimulate dynamics economic.

+ Corporate Body

+ Private Company

+ Retailers


To leverage our ideas, we also provide services to individuals and associations to create a better environment for their needs.

+ Public

+ Foundation